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Our Horses

How We Got Here


Our Horses Background

Storm's Sanctuary Horse Rescue 

Here at Storm’s Sanctuary, we rescue slaughter bound horses that have been abused, neglected, or just discarded and surplus to requirements.  Whatever their circumstance for ending up on the kill list, we hope to change their lives forever. 

In a world where everything is disposable, these beautiful horses seem to fall by the wayside, they are loving, trusting and forgotten.  We want to make a difference to these horses and whilst we can't save all horses, we want to continue to improve their lot in life and bring awareness to their plight to as many people as possible.

Our aim is to rehabilitate these horses and where possible,  allow them to be “Equine Assisted Therapy” horses for a range of people who have suffered either physical or emotional trauma.  Not all horses are suitable for therapy, in that instance, they have a permanent home here, or we may offer them the opportunity to be rehomed into forever loving homes under “life-time” contracts.


As the horses improve physically and emotionally, their ability will be assessed and their futures assured either way, so they never find themselves on a kill list again.

Our Name

Storm's Sanctuary - Equine Assisted Therapy

Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation

Storm's Sanctuary is named after Sharon's first horse Storm, whom she rescued as a teenager.  He was an Arab X Stock Horse, Grey, and named after his temperament, he could be the calm before the storm, and the storm itself.  Storm passed away in Sharon's arms 32 years later.  Storm saw Sharon through the loss of her immediate family and other trauma's in her life.  She new instinctively, that these beautiful and Sentient beings can help with so many Mental Health issues by just being.  

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